Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ethics rule for me

As I have begun to study media ethics, I have begun to form an opinion so what i feel is the best for me. The ethical theory that i feel best fits me would be the deontological theory. The deontological theory has to do with the following rules or principles (Gordon, Kittross 7). It basically says that if you follow the rules, you are ethical (Gordon, Kittross 7). According to this definition I feel that in  this is the best way to be the most objective, to follow basic principles and have no double standards. I would feel completely comfortable being thorough if i were to do a certain story, s long as I followed my basic rules. This theory works for me because I like know exactly what is going on at all times. I like everything to be black and white and to have very little dangerous uncertainty. It is very likely that every media organization is going to have their own set of ethical rules, but I like to have somewhat of a sure thing and I feel like a hard set of rules would be close enough. An example of this would be reporting a rape story and trying to decide whether to release the name of the victim. I have heard the argument many times, because everyone is trying to decide whether or not it is ethical. I would feel the most comfortable having it be a set rule, rather than trying to make a judgement call on a very touchy subject like that.
The theory that I feel is not for me at all is the personalist theory. The personalist theory is nonrational, more spontaneous, and is influenced by personal moral factors (Gordon, Kittross 8). My opinion is that everyone has their own set of morals, and what may be an important moral to one person may not be to another. Judging by your own set of morals may be appropriatein some situations, but I think it would be hard for me to feel ethical using this theory within media.

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